We are excited to show off all of the dedicated and generous souls who are committed to supporting LifeChangers in serving returning citizens.

We have a small but mighty team, working to further the mission of LifeChangers. We are excited for the explosive growth we are experiencing. We know this is just the beginning of teaching people how to STAY L.I.T. (LifeChangers In Training)!

Please meet our Volunteers, Interns and Board Members:

picture of ERicka Scott, Executive Director

Ericka Scott

Executive Director

Chairperson, Board of Directors

As a mother and grandmother, Ericka is passionate about helping the younger generation get a solid footing, from an early age. Her goal is to help others thrive, not just strive.

As a Christian Life and Business Coach, Ericka is resourceful, and loves to share what she learns.

Unfortunately, parents are working harder to maintain the same standard of living, as just five years ago. Schools are stretched on resources and qualified staff. There is no place for the at-risk teenagers to find the help needed.

Unfortunately, this leads too many to the streets and a life of crime.

The biggest problem is that it seems slice there is a price tag on the heads of our teens and young adults. It’s more beneficial, for some corporations, to keep people in their prisons, than in society. The “profit prisons” have too much influence on how our youth are educated, and the laws.

I am determined to take the grips of those “profit prisons” off of young adults. The programs, classes and workshops that taught them valuable skills while incarcerated, have been taken out of the prisons and jails. Why is that?

LifeChangers will do the best we can, to teach every workshop participant how to obtain and maintain gainful employment.

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Rashia van den Ende

Communications Organizer, Volunteer

Secretary, Board of Directors

Rashia van den Ende is one of the founding staff members of LifeChangers, Inc., as well as our Communications Organizer. Rashia quite literally has her hands in almost every aspect of the organization. This young woman has many great responsibilities within our organization, maintains all our social media accounts, takes care our graphic design needs, and tracks our analytics to name a few.

After years of providing customer service in the work force, Rashia decided to join the LifeChangers team to continue to help others in a way that she never thought she would. Helping those in need has always been a life goal for Rashia, which is part of what drew her to LifeChangers, Inc. This opportunity has not only been a learning experience, but also, has given her a way to put her talents to great use.

Having experienced her own family members become part of the corrections system, Rashia understands firsthand how this can affect not only the person themselves, but also their family and friends. What inspires Rashia to continue to work with the LifeChangers team is not just the opportunity to help others, but more so the ability to have a helping hand in changing the lives of those who the world has deemed less worthy.

Image of Akeisha Penn, voluneer Program Director of L.I.T. Academy, a division of Lifechangers, Inc.
Akeisha Penn

Volunteer Program Director – L.I.T. Academy

Akeisha has worked in community outreach determined to make a difference by bridging gaps for close to two decades.  

She has been an advocate for criminal justice reform and reentry programs in communities where juveniles and adults are most susceptible to spending their lives behind bars by giving them the necessary resources needed to help reduce recidivism.

Many of those resources included employment assistance, housing assistance, childcare, educational programming, etc.

Akeisha obtained her Master’s Degree in Organizational Management with a specialization in Leadership. Akeisha is a firm believer in the power of positive thinking and helping other succeed! 

Akeisha has joined LifeChangers as a Volunteer Prgram Director over L.I.T. Academy. We believe her experience, passion and skills will prove to be a good fit for the team fueling the charge that is already in motion.

Visit the Contact Us page to reach out to Akeisha.

Angela Scott


Now, semi-retired from the entertainment industry, Angela Scott can spend more time helping the less fortunate in a variety of ways.

Angela has a gift of giving – offering whatever resources are available to her, to help someone else’s situation be better.

It is the sense of community and each one, teach one, that magnetized Angela to LifeChangers, Inc.

Angela has supported the vision and mission of LifeChangers since its inception. She now has joined the mission as a volunteer.

Angela is currently working to grow the transitional housing program from a plan on paper, to a dream-come-true.

We are excited to welcome Angela as the newest Volunteer, passionately working to reduce the rate of incarceration and recidivism in the United States.

Bill Buckner, Esq.

Legal Counsel, Member, Board of Directors

Bill Buckner, Esq.  joined the LifeChangers, Inc. Board of Directors in February 2022. As a legal professional, Bill understands that the penal institution has broken parts.

Bill is passionate about helping LifeChangers support the individual, their family, and the community, in which they live, experience a smooth reintegration process.

Bill is a husband and father. He and his wife have been long-standing, active members of their community. As the coach his sons’ football and basketball teams, during their residency in the Atlanta, Ga area and while living in Texas.

During the 10+ years as a youth sports coach, Bill often paid the tournament fees and expenses, personally, enabling the players who came from economically disadvantaged households to participate in the team activities.

Bill brings to LifeChangers years of experience and knowledge of the legal system. He has proven to be an invaluable source of information for LifeChangers as a nonprofit organization, and its work in the community.

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Arianne Garcia

Google Ads and Analytics Manager, Volunteer

Member, Board of Directors

My name is Arianne Garcia.

If you need an editor for your project, a copywriter, a consultation, SEO expertise, A/R expertise, or a new productive addition to your team, I’m your person.

I’m an autistic adult with ADHD based in San Antonio, Texas (CST). I’ve written about being late-diagnosed autistic since I was diagnosed by a psychiatrist in 2016. I’m an Editorial Board Member for Stairway to STEM, a website resource for autistic students/students on the autism spectrum transitioning from high school to college. I frequently peer review for Autism in Adulthood academic journal. 

My website has my blog, my published works, resources I’ve found helpful, and my contact form. I am currently available for opportunities and open for projects. 

Arianne optimizes all of our Google platforms – Ads and Analytics. Her bright and bubbly personality, coupled with her brilliance, radiates in her conversation and her work. We are truly pleased with all of the time, talents and effort Arianne is donating to LifeChangers!

image of McKinzie Thorson, Intern with LifeChangers, Inc.

McKinzie Thorson

L.I.T. Intern, Blogger and Researcher

McKinzie is a mother and student at Washington State University.

She is graduating with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Criminal Justice.

McKinzie will be attending graduate school to receive a masters in Forensic Psychology.

McKinzie has a passion for the intersect of Psychology and Criminal Justice and hopes to make a difference in the Criminal Justice world.

pcture of Samantha Howard, L.I.T Intern

Samantha Howard

L.I.T. Intern, Researcher, and Content Creator

My name is Samantha Howard and I am a recent graduate of Eastern Washington University.

I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology there, as well as my Minor in Spanish. I am also a full-time nanny and a part-time barista.

Next on my journey is attending graduate school for my Master’s Degree in School Psychology.

I am very passionate about psychology and I am eager to gain more knowledge about the way our minds work as people in hopes of making a positive impact on my community.

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